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When you stay at The Shelter b&b in Robe, you’ll have plenty of things to do, no matter whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, beach bunny or just need a break?

But apart from the history and the different places to walk, swim, and ride, your host Annie Haynes knows that food is an important element of any getaway.

In the short video on this page, Annie shares her thoughts on two of the simplest ways to enjoy your time in Robe, South Australia:

Get your bearings with the popular and helpful tourist map

Plan your food adventure with Robe eateries or at “home” in the kitchen at The Shelter B&B.

Annie's list of things to do in Robe

Here are but a few suggestions of things to do in Robe:

  • Grab fish and chips or a freshly caught lobster, a bottle of wine and head to the beach.
  • Visit Cape Dombey and the famous obelisk – an historic lighthouse – before the days of power.
  • Why is there a Chinese Monument? Catch up on this interesting bit of Robe’s history. After landing on Robe’s shores the Chinese set off on foot to the Victorian goldfields. Truly amazing.
  • Enjoy a bit of retail therapy, indulge in a massage or visit the galleries, cafes and restaurants.
  • For a thrill take a scenic flight in a Tiger Moth and add an acrobatic loop!
  • Pop around to the golf Course for 9 or 18 holes. 
  • Drive the 16km of Long Beach – have a swim or surf on the way.
  • Go off road into Little Dip Conservation Park for a bit of 4WD’ing. Summer only.
  • Go fishing, snorkeling or diving.
  • Check out the Interpretive Centre in the Visitor Information Centre.
  • Take a self guided stroll around the heritage buildings in the township
  • The historic Customs House is an excellent spot to brush up on maritime history.

These are just some of the things to do in Robe but please be aware that once you arrive at The Shelter, it is very common  for visitors to decide to collect food, wine, and other beverages from the area and spend a day or two just lounging around and feasting at The Shelter B&B.

This is another reason why our Stay 4, Pay 3 offer is so popular. Available outside Christmas and Easter with more details on our rates page.

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